Litigation Support Services

Medical Case Management
Timely provision of appropriate treatment through coordination of services.

Medical Record Review
Review of complex medical and legal claims.
Bill Audits & U.R.
Review of hospital bills for appropriateness and accuracy.

Labor Market Survey
Determination of job availability in geographic area.

Reemployment Assessments

Assess abilities to return to productive lifestyle

Job Search & Placement

to assist in finding appropriate job and placement follow up

Pediatric Case Management
For catastrophic injuries and illnesses.
Educational Consulting and Career Placement
For pediatric  and disabled clients.

Litigation Support Services
Life Care plans, Cost projections, Medicare set asides record review and expert witness.
Long Term Care Assessment
For Long term care insurance companies, geriatric clients and families who need assistance with placement options and levels of care.

 Life Care Plans

Written plan for anticipated medical and vocational needs and related expenses for serious illness or injury.

Medicare Set Asides

Certified specialist provide anticipated medical needs and costs used by attorney firms and insurance companies